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Every church we have ever talked with has a strong desire to grow. It’s the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

And yet, time and time again, we see churches approach Evangelism in the same ways they have for the last several decades. As results continue to dwindle, not only is church leadership baffled but even worse, we see some just throw up their hands in frustration and say “Evangelism just doesn’t work anymore.” When we hear those words, it literally breaks our hearts. The fact is, Evangelism Does Work! Evangelism just looks different today, because things are different today.


Consider the following:

Alexander Graham Bell delivers the first phone
It took 75 years to reach 50 million users

Radio was invented
It took 38 years to reach an audience of 50 million people

Facebook Launched
It took 2 years to reach 50 million users

Pokémon Go launched
It took 19 days to reach 50 million users



While The Message is unchanging…

The Method should be continually Modernized


We have discovered 7 common roadblocks preventing churches from modernizing the way they Evangelize.


#1) Outreach is treated as a one-off event

We see churches spend a tremendous percentage of their budget, resources, and time on an evangelistic series. However, after the event is over, most of the individuals who showed interest will never receive a personalized outreach again…ever.


#2) Technology + Adoption

Newer technology can infinitely increase our capacity to consistently stay connected with individuals and provide insight on who is showing the most interest. It takes a unified strategy + expertise + effort over time to reap the benefits


#3) Rethink the way you deploy your limited resources

If more modern approaches are used to uncover interest, ministry teams can spend a greater portion of their time working with people who are actually interested. And, they will spend less time on less impactful areas of ministry.


#4) Never stop looking for micro-conversion opportunities

There are a host of folks out there who are earnestly seeking to find and know God. However, churches miss micro-conversion engagement opportunities because they simply don’t ask for a response.


#5) Implement a weekly engagement strategy

It has never been easier to reach more people in more ways. And yet, most Church’s website, social content, email communications, and so on have not been updated in months or even years. It is important to implement a weekly engagement strategy that is continually improving


#6) Analytics

A familiar age old adage, “you can’t improve what you can’t measure.” This is even more important in a time when you can’t “see” if someone that you invited to church actually comes or not. Using a variety of engagement analytics allows churches to improve and refine the overall impact of modern evangelism efforts.


#7) Don’t be afraid to think small

Historically, the way churches have approached Evangelism is to package up the entire conversion process – from start to end – in a single, momentous, one-time initiative. That is a huge, taxing undertaking for churches. And, it is difficult to execute more than once per year.

With the proper strategy and technology, it is possible to flip this paradigm.


How Delmar Can Help Your Church

There are a lot of pieces to pull together to make this work effectively and efficiently (best practices, technologies as an accelerator, and tried and true processes).

We do this every day. It would be a blessing to work with you and help modernize the way you Evangelize.


What other Church’s are saying

“Delmar has revolutionized the way I track guest relations and has made connecting with them easier and more efficient”
Pastor Anthony Nix
Anderson SDA Church Pastor
“What looked like a big setback turned out to be a blessing drawing more interest. If any church needs help in these areas, I would recommend a consultation with Delmar!”
Brent Schalk
Anderson SDA Church Head Elder

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Success Story

Anderson SDA Church Modernizes Evangelism Approach with Delmar

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