About Delmar


Value Proposition

While Small and Medium sized organizations don’t have the luxury of Fortune 100’s multi-million dollar budgets to throw at problems, they still have the same, monumental challenges punching them in the face (Every. Single. Day.)… How to attract and keep customers.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they don’t know how to attract and keep customers. They do. The real roadblock that’s stopping growth, right in its tracks, is that they don’t know how to scale how they attract and keep customers.

So, here is the never-ending story that many have lived, countless times, in glorious (or should I say inglorious) technicolor. Revenue goes up. Everyone puts their delivery hats on. Once they finally catch up with their absurd amount of customer demand, everybody looks at each other and has an all too familiar moment… That’s when they realize that all of the sales momentum came to a grinding halt months ago when they were trying to keep up with demand… and this yoyo continues until organizations learn how to break through and scale their efforts.

For the last decade, I’ve built 3 business units from the ground up that have helped over 150 enterprises, including 4 Fortune 100 companies, do just that. As these enterprises spent millions with our company, we accumulated a unique wealth of knowledge, best practices, and technology know how that can help organizations think differently about how to unleash growth.

We built delmar to help businesses grow with confidence.


Our Purpose

What we provide our Customers Growth Partners
Expertise to guide our customers who are serious growth, by taking away the oppressive burden and mystery surrounding driving revenue and free them to focus on the passion that led them to start their business in the first place with confidence through our:

Uncommon drive to challenge the status quo

Unparalleled domain knowledge

Unique design sense

Why we come to work everyday
To make a rewarding living, but it’s not just about the money. We enjoy what we do because:

The environment is intellectually stimulating

The atmosphere is welcoming, rewarding, caring, collaborative and motivating



Help our customers scale and optimize how they attract and keep their customers


For small & medium sized businesses to grow with confidence



We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to help your business grow



An intrapreneurial pioneer, Chris Dellen is driven by an unquenching desire to challenge the status quo. By combining a unique understanding of revenue generation, business process, technology, and finance, he has the ability to help organizations think differently about how they go-to-market.

He has used this expertise to innovate in a highly competitive technology market and to build multiple business units from the ground up. Outside the office, he enjoys occasionally teaching MBA courses on Business Strategy and other topics. In addition, he is an accomplished musician with a degree in piano performance and is preparing to release his third solo album.


Strategic Growth Partner

We have been working with HubSpot for over 10 years and have seen, first hand, how their technology makes a transformational impact on our own business and those we serve. HubSpot is a strategic partner of ours and a cornerstone of our mission to help businesses grow with confidence.


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