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Specifically, small – medium sized brands in the Midwest who have a considered sales process and a desire to grow and operate more efficiently.

While these organizations don’t have the luxury of Fortune 100’s multi-million dollar budgets to throw at problems, they still have the same, monumental challenges punching them in the face (Every. Single. Day.)… How to attract and delight customers.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that they don’t know how to attract or delight customers. They do. The real roadblock is scaling how they attract and delight their customers.

We built delmar to help businesses tackle this challenge with confidence.



The Problem

First, let’s take a look at how the revenue generation process looks for far too many brands

At the end of the sale process, you don’t know how you got it, why you won, and most importantly, how to repeat it. That creates a host of problems that put’s the entire company at risk.

It’s risky strategy because its:

Not Repeatable

Not Predictable

Not Measurable

Not Trainable

Can’t be automated

Minimal accountability

Requires an inordinate amount of manual effort

How do you create predictable growth?

Start by shrinking the box


How do we help you accomplish this?



 Map out your process at a high level

The first step is to start breaking your process down into a handful of steps


Establish a system to measure your performance

A key to understand how you are doing is to establish a system to measure the success rate as your deals progress through the process.



Discover the inputs that lead to the results

We all want the results, sometimes we minimize the actual "work" that goes into getting the results. This is a journey, but establishing the type of inputs that leads to results is key.



Manage to the Inputs

Once you start discovering the "formula" that drives results through each part in the process is managing the inputs.



Repeat & Refine

Once you begin to get a handle on your first iteration. Repeat and refine over and over again until your process is repeatable and predictable.


Over time, your revenue will grow and your process will become more predictable by shrinking the box again and again and again.

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) shared a mind-numbing statistic on sales and marketing cost as a % of Revenue over time.


Cost of Sales as a percentage of Revenue (Technology Sales 1964-2010)


Cost of Sales as a percentage of Revenue (SaaS Companies from 2010 to present)

This is a mountain for many brands that is far too important to be ignored. Let's start shrinking the box together!